Gratitude For The Aide

How do you feel when others help you? How does it feel when someone lends you a hand in your time of need? Or when they see you struggle, what is your reaction? Do you feel embarrassed? Upset, because you can’t do some things on your own?

I can tell you right now these are just mixed feelings we perceive. I’ve seen people smile when someone lends them a helping hand, some appreciate the help so much they become happy with gratitude, and there is always the people who say no with an attitude. Could it be that they feel less of a person for accepting the help? Or possibly that they just don’t want to ruin their strong and resilient image? At times we do come to think we are too much of ourselves, we don’t need help from anyone. We are smart, we are strong, we are capable of doing anything.

But why is it so hard to understand that when something can’t be done on our own? We reject the option of help and we can tend to keep going without the help of anyone. It could be pride, possibly. We as humans tend to do lots of things on our own and when it comes to receiving help from someone we play small scenario’s in our heads. Showing us how humiliating it could be or how embarrassing the situation is. We seem to picture an image such as weakness. Yes, it can be embarrassing to ask for help at times but you have to understand that if this is going to help you out in any kind of way, then you have to suck up that pride and open that mouth. We are human and can only handle so much.

Sometimes on our physical help we tend to be really stubborn, the reason we feel this way is because of frustration, we want to be the same person as before do the same things we had done. I am a work in progress. It is not easy to depend on someone to help you do the simple things in life such as bathing, putting on shoes, getting dressed, walking, going down or up a little hill, or even reaching for something on a high shelf. These are some of the things I couldn’t do when I got sick and even now there are a few things I still can’t do on my own. It took me a good amount of time to realize I needed help if I wanted to get things done. My husband has been my biggest aid in so many ways. Ever since I was hospitalized, he’s been my biggest helping hand. I don’t need to ask him for anything because right away he’s on my toes. I appreciate everything he does for me. I understand he does this to help my life be a little bit easier and most certainly because he loves me, even though I disagree sometimes I truly do appreciate the help. I am thankful for all the help I receive.

So what is a helping hand? It’s a possibility of finishing the work easier, calmer, and faster. It is a special someone that sets their things aside to help you out. It is a way of letting you know you can count on someone to be there for you. It can be family, friends, or even strangers. Help is always present; it is up to you to show how well you perceive the situation. So I say to you “why not accept the help that is being offered to you?” Let’s be thankful that we have people like this in our lives. Don’t let a simple kind acts disturb you. Accept the offer, and watch it change your life! 

Guadalupe is a writer for Sisterhood Connections, a Global Women’s Empowerment Organization. Read more here about Guadalupe 


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