Soul Sisters

Is there such thing as a soul friendship? When it comes to friends I have realized that I get easily attracted by their energy. It’s easy for me to pick up vibes from someone, could be strange to you. But I have come to appreciate that feeling, I have lots of friends but only a few have truly been there for me during my tough times. These girls are the type of people that set everything aside to help. Usually I like doing things on my own, I feel embarrassed when I have to ask one of them for help. Sure they tell me not to worry its just hard for me to get over that feeling. I realize how truly blessed I really am to have them in my life. If they see me struggling, their first instinct is to help me out. I appreciate it a lot and even though I don’t say it much, I am dedicating this article to them.

I have always had a hard time expressing my feelings but know that your friendship I truly value, when you see me fall you pick me up and when you see me struggle you hold my hand. Ever since my tragedy you ladies were there supporting me and cheering me on. That is just something I will never forget, my gratitude for you is eternal because only real friendships have been there to see you suffer, stood there when you cried and shared the pain you felt. Those kinds of friendships are rare, my friends are like a relationship. You know, like when you find your soul mate it is called true love. Well my friends are my soul sisters, ever since I’ve known them our friendship has grown strong through the years. We have laughed a lot, cried some tears, been there for each other during difficult times.

I can tell them anything, like they can confine in me. This kind of friendship is one of a kind. Sometimes it can be hard for me to do things on my own. They don’t wait for me to ask for help, they simply take action,” Let me help you”, “hold on to me”,” let me hold you so you don’t fall”. These gestures are just a few of what these ladies have done for me. Yes, I do feel embarrassed but appreciate their help so much! I hope they know how much it means to me to be able to count on them for anything. I love them, we may be different in many ways but you know what they say “opposites attract”, maybe that is why our friendship has grown strong throughout the years. Your actions speak louder than words and I am grateful to have you in my life. When you find true friends like these never let them go. Souls like them are hard to find, in our life time we can meet so many people but it takes one special soul to touch your heart. I know life can get busy and time with friends just isn’t in our schedules. No matter how many days, months or years pass by know that they will always be there for you. A simple call could mean the world to them. Brighten their day and invite them for coffee. Just don’t forget them. Every relationship is like a plant that needs to get watered so that it can grow. Sometimes we tend to forget our friends, make time to arrange get-togethers, make new memories, laugh about the old times. Love your friends because after all god put them in your path for a reason. Life is just as sweet with belly aching laughter! Love you soul sisters!

With lots of Sister Love, Guadalupe

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