The Message

Tonight, I have been inspired to write a message; it has been a magical feeling kind of night, a beautiful feeling that something great is about to happen. A feeling that tells me, soon everything we are going through will be resolved. I received this message after watching a video from Akiane Kramarik called “The Messenger”. This video is a must watch! Akiane is an artist who uses her god given gifts into beautiful messages creating beautiful portraits. As she starts to paint her canvas, she explains all the images she is capturing in her mind. She talks about how each image changes form the true message behind her envisions. This video is followed by soothing sounds that set you into a relaxed state of calmness and peace. I encourage you to make some time to watch this beautiful title.

After watching the video, I received another message a friend had posted a story on social media about a woman who was fighting cervical cancer. I was reading her admirable story and how even though she was not in her best shape, she was going to keep fighting and keep going until the end. This inspired me so much because I know what it’s like to feel as if life has cheated on you. How just in one day your life can change a lot and how it is up to you to be able to see the good in a terrible situation. You either stand up and face what is to come or drown in agony. The woman represented strength, desire, happiness and faith. And even though she was going through so much not once did she complain.

That’s when it hit me like an epiphany, the girl on the video had the same feeling and expressed what she had seen through her painting. The woman in the story inspired everyone with her warrior story. And tonight, I was touched in a way that I felt inspired to write a simple poem, a message for everyone. I posted this poem on my social media for everyone to see and I would like to share with you my fellow reader as well: “This is for you, the one struggling to stay strong. The one who doesn’t know if tomorrow may come. For the one who cries every day, for the one who feels lonely and can’t find a way. For the one that can’t see if life is meant to be.. This is for you to understand, that no matter what your going through I LOVE YOU and God well HE’S RIGHT BESIDE YOU! Never give up, your challenge has just begun, let him guide you, have faith and trust!”

After writing this poem down and sharing it with everyone online. I had an amazing feeling creeping into my soul, a feeling of a warm embrace, joy, peace, and happiness. It feels so amazing and it is so hard to explain. I want to share this feeling with you through my words. I’ve been having a hard time and this message has come at the perfect time. Tonight, I feel the reassurance I was searching for, the feeling of stress is no longer there, I am wrapped with protection and in there I know we will be okay. My pleads have been heard and my faith is only growing stronger. I have received this special message from the man upstairs (god) maybe or perhaps my angels. This message that has been given to me I share with you, I want to give you a touch of faith, a feeling of trust because believe me you are not alone and when you feel like no one is listening somebody is already creating a miracle for you. Keep your head high and your faith strong know that everything you are going through God is going through it with you right by your side. Blessings your way!

This photo is credit of Akiane Kramarik and can be purchased  HERE_

With lots of Sister Love, Guadalupe

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