What is Sisterhood Connections?

Sisterhood Connections is a non-profit organization targeted specifically at women’s empowerment and transformation services; Including empowerment and transformation programs, coaching, and consulting in life and business. Founded by Jena Harris in 2013 in Boise, Idaho.

Sisterhood Connections runs a host of programs and events through its digital transformation hub The Sisterhood Collective. We are a collective of women around the world who are passionate about living a purpose driven life. You will find everything you need here in one place to begin creating and living your purpose driven life & business!

Our Mission

‘Empowering and transforming women’s live’s and businesses worldwide; To consciously and collectively awaken and spark your purpose driven life’

Our Vision

‘Individually we are a wave in the ocean; collectively we are an entire sea of dreams’

Our vision incorporates spreading the message of the power of women working in collaboration and unity. It includes a The Sisterhood Collective with women worldwide, ensuring that we reach one country, one city, and one soul sister at a time.

Our Purpose

Sisterhood Connections is not just an organization that delivers services and products, it is a global soul sisterhood movement aimed to empower & transform women’s hopes, aspirations, businesses, and lives dramatically.

Our purpose is to ensure that all women regardless of background, circumstances, challenges and financial constraints should be given the opportunity and resources to live a purpose-driven life.  

Our Objective

Our objective is to transform the lives of women (our sisters) across the world, while connecting them to with like-minded souls. We share empowerment and transformation resources to empower, transform, and inspire each soul sister to live more consciously and purposefully.

All of our work is built from our values and with heart-centered conscious compassion to assist in creating soul sisterhood relationships that last a lifetime.

Life & Business Transformation Resources 

Our work and services are delivered through a team of volunteers and soulpreneurs, offering a wide range of programs and initiatives that are ran through our The Sisterhood Collective Membership.

Our motto for The Sisterhood Collective is to reach one country, one city, and one soul sister at a time. SIGN UP FOR FREE HERE SOUL SISTER!

Our Values and Culture

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