The Message

Tonight, I have been inspired to write a message; it has been a magical feeling kind of night, a beautiful feeling that something great is about to happen. A feeling that tells me, soon everything we are going through will be resolved. I received this message after watching a video from Akiane Kramarik called “The Messenger”. This video is a must watch! Akiane is an artist who uses her god given gifts into beautiful messages creating beautiful portraits. As she starts to paint her canvas, she explains all the images she is capturing in her mind. She talks about how each image changes form the true message behind her envisions. This video is followed by soothing sounds that set you into a relaxed state of calmness and peace. I encourage you to make some time to watch this beautiful title.

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Soul Sisters

Is there such thing as a soul friendship? When it comes to friends I have realized that I get easily attracted by their energy. It’s easy for me to pick up vibes from someone, could be strange to you. But I have come to appreciate that feeling, I have lots of friends but only a few have truly been there for me during my tough times. These girls are the type of people that set everything aside to help. Usually I like doing things on my own, I feel embarrassed when I have to ask one of them for help. Sure they tell me not to worry its just hard for me to get over that feeling. I realize how truly blessed I really am to have them in my life. If they see me struggling, their first instinct is to help me out. I appreciate it a lot and even though I don’t say it much, I am dedicating this article to them.

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Gratitude For The Aide

How do you feel when others help you? How does it feel when someone lends you a hand in your time of need? Or when they see you struggle, what is your reaction? Do you feel embarrassed? Upset, because you can’t do some things on your own?

I can tell you right now these are just mixed feelings we perceive. I’ve seen people smile when someone lends them a helping hand, some appreciate the help so much they become happy with gratitude, and there is always the people who say no with an attitude. Could it be that they feel less of a person for accepting the help? Or possibly that they just don’t want to ruin their strong and resilient image? At times we do come to think we are too much of ourselves, we don’t need help from anyone. We are smart, we are strong, we are capable of doing anything. Continue reading “Gratitude For The Aide”

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