Money isn’t a dirty word: Sow seeds of abundance

Have you been worrying about money recently? Beyond that have you been feeling lost,tired and unfulfilled?
I won’t be surprised if you answer yes because you are not alone! I read recently that in the US alone 90% of Americans are stressed about money, it doesn’t help with feeling all wonderful about abundance does it? It may not seem like it at times but you do have more control over the prosperity in your life than you think, yes you do, trust me (I know from experience) and guess what it all starts with YOU.

So many clients I speak to have shackled themselves to the vows of poverty, belief in lack, a story that things will never change for them, without even realizing it’s because of deep rooted money beliefs in the subconscious.
Sometimes even the ones that do realize their pitfalls struggle to bridge the gap between changing their beliefs and the story of lack they are still telling themselves.  Often the challenge includes openly talking about money and not feeling it’s something sinful, gross and dirty, not being able to talk about it is part of the problem in the first place!

So is prosperity a way of life for you? because if you think you will never have it then guess what? I’m sorry to say you never will. Remember It’s always ‘More Than Money’, think of those people that have prosperity in all aspects of their life, what’s different about them?

If you find yourself saying it’s easier for them? Then yes it might be, but what makes it easier for them? I bet if you dig a little deeper you will find they have an unwavering why and an unwavering belief that they are deserving of prosperity,they expect it without a shadow of a doubt!
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That Sunday Mood Killer

For as long as I can remember I would get this feeling on Sundays that would simply ruin the whole day for me, this dread that prevented me from fully immersing myself in the present moment and this feeling that my freedom was about to be taken from me at any given moment. I remember it being so bad after vacation during my career in the corporate world that I would wish that I hadn’t bothered going on vacation because it simply wasn’t worth the gloom that I felt at getting up on Monday and going through the motions, oh gosh how many emails would be waiting for me? what would I have to deal with when I got back? and what if no-one cared that I was back at all?

Everyone I Knew and the world around me was structured to live for the weekend and Mondays just made it feel like an uphill climb to a beautiful scenic view on Friday, how would we make it to Friday? A lot has changed since I left my corporate career and started my own business yet what I found was the Sunday feeling was still lingering around like a bad smell, a torturous feeling as the day went on, a mood dampener in our home, this heavy silence completely sucking the joy out of everything.

Until one day after talking to a friend it occurred to me that it really was unnecessary to torment ourselves in the way, so I asked myself what was it that was really making me feel this way?  Continue reading “That Sunday Mood Killer”

You are more than someone else’s opinion

Do not worry if some of the people in your life (including friends & family) do not support your vision, dreams or passion. It’s ok let them walk on by, this is your life and you do not need anyone’s permission to Dream as big as you like. Sometimes the people you know will be the ones that support you the least and complete strangers will come out of nowhere and stand by your side.

I had one of the hardest lessons of my life being disowned by my parents for my dreams – there was no harder lesson for me – yet I know that pain was given to me for a reason – I realized sometimes not even your parents will get you and guess what it’s ok! I continue to believe and Dream Big because I know what I see, hear and feel.

It’s not always easy to ignore what may be obvious especially when you step into your biggest purpose and passion, Yet you have to remain strong, give love and support even if you do not get it in return, because after all love conquers all, keep believing even if no one else does. Remember some of the biggest messiahs were ignored for their vision, Jesus nailed to a cross, who are we but mere mortals… ? Continue reading “You are more than someone else’s opinion”

What’s In a Flaw?

When I started on the physical body part of my Mind, Body and Spirit journey a few months ago (Please note this is certainly not the first time I have been on this part of the journey, and that’s another story for another day) I had a very profound conversation with my trainer, she asked me ‘what are your reasons for pursuing this’? I told her very clearly and firmly that I didn’t feel strong in my physical body, something was amiss between my mind and body connection and as strong as I felt in my mind and Spirit I certainly didn’t feel it in my body. She asked me do you have weight goals I added equally as firmly that it would be a bonus to have a hot rocking body, as we expanded the conversation I admitted that it was in fact one of my biggest fears, she said you have a fear of getting into a certain shape? In that moment it truly hit me the extent of how this had impacted my life, I was afraid of this part of success in my life because I feared rejection from other women. How would I be perceived by other women if I was all of that and a bag of chips? Continue reading “What’s In a Flaw?”

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