Hold on to your dreams

AUDIO #313

This week has been all around transparency and honesty within yourself so you can empower yourself to play big! Today’s Dream Big Noon-Spiration message (CLICK HERE) was a deep look into what you ask the universe for and where your energy is at, being real. Because let’s be honest, if we just sugar coat things we are never going to get transformation in our life. It isn’t always easy to be honest with yourself, yet it works 100% of the time when you are!

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Celebrity couples that prove that marriage can last

We all have seen the stories that couples don’t last in Hollywood, it’s inspiring to see GOOD NEWS for a change, wouldn’t you say???

Michael Caine and Shakira Baksh have 43 years of beautiful love!

Michael Cane

Cindy Crawford & Rande Gerber, 21 years together & still going strong!

Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber

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Adriano Celentano & Claudia Mori WOW, together for 51 years!

Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori

Isn’t it about time for awesome news for a change? 

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Why can’t I? Is code for It’s not fair!

AUDIO #311

A simple shift in perspective and vibration, can enable you to have a whole different outcome on any given situation. In today’s Dream Big Noon-Spiration, we talked about frustration, and disappointment, with yourself. And it’s ok to feel disappointed in yourself, it happens to all of us, but my guess is that you don’t want to stay in that space. So being able to move through it so you don’t keep creating the same things over and over is what I want to inspire in todays session.

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A Flourishing Finish

AUDIO #310

Today’s Dream Big Noon-Spiration we talked about the pressure that we can put on ourself. It was continuing from the article Take off The Shackles Sister. Yesterday’s message was about GRACE, giving ourselves grace in all that we do. Taking the shackles off and creating that freedom for our life. 

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“You got my back, and I got Yours”

“You Got My Back and I Got Yours.”

By Sherri Elliott

Got a hard question to ask you?  What does your friend circle look like?  The question is hard, because some of us have had of our friends around since we were kids.  The lifelong friends are good, because that means they have stood by you most of your life, through the good, bad and the ugly.

We have to be careful, because we have people who slip through the cracks.  Sometimes we instantly people from associate to friendship without making it through some serious hurdles before they can be called friend.  Continue reading ““You got my back, and I got Yours””

What If I Let Fear Win?

I love telling this story.

Five years ago, I was working a very stressful job in the mental health field, putting in an average of 50+ hours a week, 2 teenagers still at home, sporting activities every evening, all the high school-going into college events and pressures, and if that wasn’t enough I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

I had been visiting a local church in which a group of ladies were getting together to study a book written by our pastor’s wife. I joined the group and on the first night we were asked a thought provoking question, “If money, time, family and job responsibilities were not a factor, what is the one thing you would want to do or be?”
I think I was the first person to be asked. At least that’s how it felt, because I blurted out what came to my mind. “I’d be an illustrator for a children’s book”. Yikes, what just came out of my mouth and where did THAT come from? I felt warm and sweaty. Did anyone think it was stupid? Were the women laughing at me? Of course not, the LIES of the enemy poured over me and embarrassment consumed me. As the presenter went around from person to person, I couldn’t hear what anyone else said because I was so consumed over the crazy, ridiculous answer I gave!

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El Nacimiento Tiene Diferentes Visiones

Recientemente mi hijo cumplió tres años y en el pasado mes he pensado mucho en el proceso de su nacimiento. Específicamente recuerdo el proceso de operación que nunca me esperaba ya que yo visualizaba un nacimiento “perfecto”. ¿Que era el nacimiento perfecto?

Bueno, yo visualizaba el nacimiento de nuestro hijo de la manera más natural con una partera en un centro de nacimiento usando ejercicios, técnicas y medicamento naturales para ayudarme con el proceso de dar a luz. Luego conectaría con mi precioso ángel y lo pondría en mi pecho para amamantar.


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Take off the shackles sister

~Hey Soul Sister~

Do you feel overwhelmed by life? Or maybe overwhelmed is too strong of a word? Do you feel that there is so much to do, so many people that need to be loved and listened to and feel like you can’t be in as many places as you are needed to be?

Gosh, soul sister, do I feel you. I can feel that way too sometimes.

There’s something to say about taking one step at a time, having momentum, and staying focused, right? Many of us aim to be in that space. Sometimes its more than that thought, I do believe we have to understand our limits. Recognizing that we can only do so much. If God has placed on our hearts to help this person, and that person, and join this and be here, and be there… well, it doesn’t sound very exciting because it says within that statement that there are “limits”, or does it?

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Beauty is a CHOICE

AUDIO #309

Today in Tea Tuesday we had a conversation around our soul purpose and our inner super girl. I want to invite you to explore the idea that Beauty is a choice. Your first reaction may be to reject that, since society has us conditioned to think that we have to be a certain weight, height, eye color, certain number in your bank account in order to claim that you are worthy or beautiful. I am inviting you to seeing the message that the angels have for us today around seeing your beauty. Because how can others see it if you don’t see and acknowledge it? I know that is a big one to think about but I feel strongly about that. If you were to ask your inner super girl she would tell you how incredible you are, she would tell you how brilliant you are. She would tell you how amazing you are. So why as adults do we second guess ourselves?

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