I say no to gatekeepers, gurus, drama-trauma, and victim mentality!

I woke this morning in Miami on my trip back from Zurich, and I felt as though Jesus was next to me, I was sharing with him about what and how I have limited myself my whole life. All self inflicted of course, and I was reflecting on all of this over breakfast.
So I want to share the message with you that I felt today for myself, and then to open my email and see my brother Joel speaking of it today as well is too cool for school so I have to share that as well!
My message for today is that no matter what you think are your barriers are only there until you ‘see’ and accept that they really are not.
Somehow we create things to help us stay feeling safe inside of our comfort zone. And to be quite honest, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that so to say, as this life is for our choosing on what makes us happy or if we find it cool to be in victim mode, no judgment.

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Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened

Episode #13

“In our everyday life we are so busy moving on to the next task or the next interaction with someone that it can feel like we never finish one thing before starting the next. A mindful goodbye allows you to fully absorb your experience so that it can become part of your learning.” — Gretchen Schmelzer, a psychologist and the author of “Journey Through Trauma.”

Saying goodbye can be hard, scary, and downright painful, right? I think about how many times we say goodbye in life, sending our children off to kindergarten for the first time or even away to college. We say goodbye to jobs, homes, pets, marriages, the list is endless! How do you take goodbyes? I will admit one of the hardest goodbyes I have had has been leaving my daughter in a city and college half-way across the United States! I cried for days! No matter what the goodbyes are they can be hard. 

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Look Forward and Trust God….

AUDIO #328

Today is the last Daily Dream Big Noon-Spiration I will be hosting everyday. In September I will be back weekly, and invite you to join me every Friday starting September 1, 12pm CST to listen live! Listen HERE to today’s full message. 

We are slightly past the midpoint of the calendar year and ready for the eclipse tomorrow. The eclipse is a time to for us to reflect and look at where our light shines in our life and invites us to look at if our results are matching our deepest desires and also to take a deep conscious look at our shadow side. The shadow is the part of you that remains unknown, yet influences every part of your life. The shadow isn’t bad, it’s just hidden, and since it’s hidden, it runs around like a child with no supervision and if it goes unconscious it can cause havoc and suffering in your life.

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Take off the shackles sister

~Hey Soul Sister~

Do you feel overwhelmed by life? Or maybe overwhelmed is too strong of a word? Do you feel that there is so much to do, so many people that need to be loved and listened to and feel like you can’t be in as many places as you are needed to be?

Gosh, soul sister, do I feel you. I can feel that way too sometimes.

There’s something to say about taking one step at a time, having momentum, and staying focused, right? Many of us aim to be in that space. Sometimes its more than that thought, I do believe we have to understand our limits. Recognizing that we can only do so much. If God has placed on our hearts to help this person, and that person, and join this and be here, and be there… well, it doesn’t sound very exciting because it says within that statement that there are “limits”, or does it?

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The doors will be open to those bold enough to knock

AUDIO #304

One of the most vulnerable Dream Big Noon-Spirations yet. I could feel my level of uncomfort, and if I were to be honest I really contemplated deleting it. It’s one of those times where I just have to trust that my vulnerability is growing me and God is helping me with claiming my voice and stepping forward into my power.

Religion. Oh boy, I went there. Such a hot topic and I’m not sure my view is a popular one. Yet, even writing that I am contemplating the idea about “the popular view”, is there really? We want diversity and freedom, yet many resist and fight free thinking. We want exclusivity, yet many make fun of people who are unique. We want to be wealthy, yet many are jealous of those with success. See where I am going with this? It is kind of crazy if you think about it. The level of insanity, the limits that we have put on ourself, mostly because we fear the backlash from others.

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What Energy Is Available To Me?

AUDIO #303

What energy is available to me? Being open for the other energy, other options, other solutions, other outcomes opens you up to more expansive self growth without limitations. Because remember everyone and everything is responding to our energy. So when we hold on to a certain outcome or expectation that is what others connect to and that is in the consciousness. That is how someone can act differently to another person than they do you, because of the energies you have running in you. Always remember, people are responding to you.

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Expectation and attachment to an outcome is the source of suffering

AUDIO #299

Let’s be real, we are human beings, and I personally think it is unrealistic to think that we can’t ever have expectation. I used the analogy in today’s DREAM BIG NOON-SPIRATION about when you go to the store and buy a box of cake mix, you expect to have a cake that looks somewhat like what you see on the cover of the box. Yet, with that being said, expectation shows up and creeps in many areas of our life. 

It’s when an attachment to the desired outcome is so strong that you put all of your energy into it, and if it doesn’t happen that is when the dissappointment, anger, frustration, sadness can creep in. Today I am encouraging you to get clear with what is at the source of what you are feeling.

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“Life is not measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away”

AUDIO #284

Today’s Dream Big Noon-Spiration is about breathing, feeling and connecting to the space in between the noise. I’m sure you have heard this popular quote by Maya Angelou. “Life is not measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away”. I hope to inspire you to forget everything you may have heard about this quote or the meaning around it. This will open you up for receiving an organic message for YOUR self-mastery today as you listen to the FULL MESSAGE HERE.

Some things to ponder and journal today for your self-mastery:

  1. How do you define those moments that take your breath away? 
  2. Do you have them often or are they filled with to-do lists? (These moments can be the small little steps throughout the day. The moments that make you smile. That make you feel good from head to toe.)
  3. What are the moments that take your breath away… do you spend time in that space?
  4. Don’t judge whatever you write down. The saying the joy is the journey and the steps along the way is exactly the space that we are creating for your self-mastery today.

Place your hand over your heart and repeat:

“I am Centered, I am Balanced, I am at peace”

Dreaming Big together Soul Sister and Brother, with Blissfully Empowered Love to EMPOWER you to PLAY BIG in YOUR life,

xo Signature_Pink_and_Plum



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Sidewalk Art

In Florida, there’s been LOTS of rain EVERYDAY!

While the skies were blue this morning, I took the opportunity to go for a walk and soak in some natural vitamin D. I walked my usual “path”, looking at the usual trees (checking out the neighbor’s mango trees), the usual yards with beautiful landscaping and flowers (wishing I could pick some flowers and always wondering how their yard could be kept weed-free), nodding to the joggers as they passed by (wondering how they could jog in this heat) and all the other thoughts that normally consumed my brain!

BUT, I LOVE when God opens my eyes to SEE something new. My eyes gazed down to the sidewalk and there in front of me were the most beautiful designs across the sidewalk created by the shadows of the trees!  The designs were fascinating and my morning walk became a quest to seek out the different designs on the sidewalks! I was in total amazement at the beauty dancing on the sidewalks.  For the rest of the walk I kept my focus RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!

Once I got home I couldn’t help to think about  how many times on my life path did I look to the right or to the left?  Or I focused on what everyone else was doing?  Or I got sidetracked with life busy-ness. How many days/weeks and yes, even years, did I go through the same motions, same mind set and same attitude towards everything and everyone?

Where are you looking?  What are you seeking?  Maybe it’s time to look RIGHT IN FRONT of you!  What “sidewalk art” are you missing out on?

My walks will never be the same and I’m so thankful for the reminder! I would love to hear what “sidewalk art” you have experienced!

Courageous expression from the heART together,

~ Carlyn
Director of Creative Art
Sisterhood Connections

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